Design mummy: Stylish homes with kids

Design Mom (by Gabrielle Blair who is a mother of six (!) kids) is a lovely site for mums. It has a regular “Living with Kids” feature that showcases stylish homes with kids. I’m sure it is not easy to maintain a ‘design worthy’ home but since there are couples who have done it I suppose there is some hope…

Went through loads of homes featured on Design Mom and here are some of my favourite – do click on the links to see more!

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Thrifty mummy: Buying second hand baby items

Ok, I’ll first admit that I’m not the thriftiest mummy around. I mean, I love bargains and freebies as much as anyone else, but when it comes to the actual items, I have a tendency to fork out a bit more for stuff that I think look better design wise or are a tad more functional. And honestly if money is no object, then I’ll probably go for brand new items all the way. But reality being what it is and me having such expensive preferences… sometimes second hand just seems to be the way to go…

Anyways so far by scouring the online classifieds/ads in Singapore I’ve gotten:

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Pregnant mummy: Gross pregnancy related symptoms

Yup yup, now that I’ve hit my 3rd trimester/9th month of pregnancy, I can identify with many of those gross and/or painful pregnancy related symptoms that no one really warned me about before I got pregnant. Yeah, I’m not one of those happy mummies who breezed through the entire pregnancy experience with nary a wayward fart or perfect skin. Apparently there are some mummies who are like that (ha, life is NOT fair). Well, if you belong to the vast majority who is going through some not so fun pregnancy related symptom/problem, then take heart that it’s really quite normal. Just probably too embarrassing for most mummies to talk about how many hours they spent on the “throne”, or that they leak when they sneeze, or that there’s really not much you can do about painful ribcages that are expanding to fit the baby.

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Healthy mummy: My Post-Natal Confinement Care Package

I’ve always had some fuzzy knowledge that new mummies are supposed to take some herbal supplements during confinement to ensure that they regain their health and prevent ‘female’ problems down the road. The information from various websites on what to eat/drink are so confusing and disjointed though.

So when I found out about the “Post-Natal Care Package” from Eu Yan Sang (EYS) Malaysia (not available in Singapore, I dunno why) that’s supposed to “provide you with the key requirements for tonification during confinement”, I thought it was a godsend.  The MYR599 package consists of:

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Stylish mummy: Diaper bags for a FTWM

I didn’t really think too much about diaper bags until my last trimester. Then one recent afternoon I realised that as a FTWM (that’s short form for Full Time Working Mum, as opposed to a SAHM – Stay At Home Mum) who plans to place baby in an infant care centre near my workplace, my daily work bag once I go back to work will probably not be my usual work bag, not when the interior is made of suede.  But can I carry a diaper bag to work?  A quick browse through the usual flowery/printed bags from most brands that absolutely screams “DIAPER BAG!” left me quite horrified. Thus began my search for a practical yet chic/stylish/professional looking diaper bag that won’t make me gag… and I thought that it might be helpful to jot some of the choices in a blog post for any mummies who have a similar ‘problem’.

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