Pregnant mummy: Nesting instincts

So… this is really just a place for me to pen down my thoughts (and whatever that I happen to be fiddling with at the moment).  Having created a blog to chronicle my home renovation process, I think having one for my pregnancy/baby will help me to keep some memories alive, plus keep things somewhat organised at least when it comes to shopping and buying stuff.  Since I am 15 weeks along by the time this is published, you can imagine that the baby shopping list is pretty long by now – but I’ll keep the shopping list for another day.

To start the ball rolling, here is a quick preview of some of the items that I am eyeing/have bought:

Moodboard on 31 Dec 2013

1. Cot Canopy Original by Content & Calm, 2. Lamaze Freddie The Firefly Musical Mobile, 3. Sophie the Giraffe, 4. IKEA Ekorre Toddle Truck, 5. IKEA Mula bead roller coaster, 6. Tupperware Shape-O toy, 7. Pearhead Babyprints photo frame, 8. IKEA Hensvik Wardrobe, 9. IKEA Hensvik Changing Table/Cabinet, 10. IKEA Raskog kitchen trolley, 11. Bloom Coco Baby Lounger, 12. IKEA Gullunge babycare mat and cover, 13. IKEA Bagis children’s coat hangers, 14. IKEA Gulliver cot

Yeah, that’s my nursery mood board. Talk about nursing instinct right? You’ll see loads of stuff from IKEA. Our trusty swedish furniture brand can’t be beaten for affordable baby products that have passed safety standards of all major nations. Plus I don’t earn enough to indulge in expensive baby furniture that will be dumped in a few years. So gorgeous Leander Cot… goodbye.

Leander Cot, White

IF you do have DEEP pockets, this beautiful cot can be yours for S$2.4k or so. If it helps, the cot comes with bed extensions that extends the lifespan to about 7 years or so (depending on how tall your kid is).  Unfortunately, affordable 2nd hand options don’t seem to be easy to come by in Singapore and I hesitate to spend a mini fortune no matter how beautifully gorgeous I think this cot/bed is. For the record, the daddy was all for getting the cot, making it a rather amusing reversal of the usual situation I’ve read online where it’s usually the mummy who wants the cot and the daddy who balks at the cost.

Leander Cot to children bed

I’ll save more waxing lyrical about beautiful cots for another day if the mood takes me. Fortunately or unfortunately, ugly cots seem to be the norm in Singapore so that really helps in curbing my nesting instincts when it comes to cot selection.

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