Stylish mummy: Decent and affordable maternity clothes in Singapore

Note the heading… it’s not even pretty/stylish/gorgeous/professional-looking maternity clothes. After looking around in Singapore, I can only say that the choices available are really… (shakes head). Seriously, the last thing a soon to be really ‘big’ and mostly looking fat rather than pregnant woman in her 2nd trimester is awful clothes that just makes her look like a sack. Of course, being taller than average really didn’t help. Erm, plus I like mostly minimalist/plain outfits i.e. no flowers, frills or lace.

When I first started shopping during my first trimester, I quickly realised that the choices from maternity wear stores that I visited were mostly pathetically frumpy/old-fashioned/shapeless, or ridiculously expensive. Then as the bump started to grow bigger, and the need for maternity wear really increased, I went around asking where mummies got their clothes from during maternity. Common choices:

  • Look for normal clothes that can double as maternity wear e.g. baby doll style and loose tops
  • ASOS Maternity range

Ok that can’t be all right? But surprisingly consistent recommendations all around.

I had a bit of a hit and miss with ASOS but if you look at the selection available online, then yeah, it’s really not too bad.  But what if you really prefer to try outfits before buying (just in case you look like a sack of potatoes for example)?

There are a few well-known brands that have a really small selection of maternity range in selected stores:

  • H&M: Try either the flagship at Orchard Building (4th floor, near baby wear section) or Vivocity
  • Topshop: Saw a small range in Vivocity

Still not very exciting and nothing that really works for me as a working mum who is keen not to look too pregnant/frumpy/like a sack of potatoes at work.  Eventually I turned to Gap and Old Navy online, which delivers to Singapore. At least I got some decent working trousers/pants so that I don’t have to wear pyjamas/nightgowns dresses at work.

As for normal clothes that can double as maternity wear, at least for now, I find that some tops from these stores work, so long as the design is loosely cut or the material is stretchy enough:

  • Espirit
  • COS (at Paragon or Westgate)
  • Giordano Ladies

That’s all I guess for now. Hope this helps some desperate mummies.

Since I still have third trimester to go, any good recommendation on where to shop for maternity clothes is most welcome. But pls, no fake advertising! The WordPress  spam filter is pretty strong too.


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One response to “Stylish mummy: Decent and affordable maternity clothes in Singapore”

  1. thedottyness says :

    Hi! It has been a while since I’ve gone to read your blog. I used to be on renotalk with an EM too. Anyways.. after 3 kids.. Maternity clothes in SG is terrible! But I found an affordable place to get the basics. I hope this helps..

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