Pregnant mummy: Musings of a paranoid mum – miscarriage statistics

I know, very paranoid… (and everyone tells me so) but honestly in my first trimester, I must have checked/googled miscarriage rates/statistics like a few times a week. It’s not like age is on my side or anything… plus I do tend to be a bit of a ‘worrywart’. Thankfully, no depression or anything… just generalised anxiety. AND, it does seem that anxiety is fairly common in pregnant mummies… apparently anything from 5-70% of mummies suffer from anxiety and/or depression during pregnancy. [In case you are or know someone who is suffering, a bit more on the symptoms, etc here]

Back to statistics… according to this site, for most normal, healthy women in their first pregnancy, the statistics looks like this: 

Week of Gestation Percentage Likelihood
of Miscarriage
1-2 (You do not know you are pregnant) 75% (this includes eggs that never grow past fertilization, and it would have been impossible to know you were pregnant; after implantation, which occurs 7-10 days after ovulation, the odds go down to 31%)2
3-6 10% (after home urine test is positive at 14 days post ovulation when hCG levels reach 50-80)2
6-12 5% (or less if heartbeat heard)
2nd trimester 3% (considered stillbirth after 20 weeks)
3rd trimester No longer considered miscarriage once fetus is beyond one pound (500 grams) around 24 weeks gestation. Stillbirth rate is 1%.

There are more detailed studies and statistics out there of course, but I think this table neatly sums it up. Another site that gives quite a bit more breakdown is here. E.g. miscarriage risks based on age of mums, age of dads, previous miscarriage, ovulation date, time to successfully conceive, etc.

Anyway, if you are a nervous first time mummy (like me), think the most critical is detecting the heartbeat (i.e. that little flicker on the ultrasound screen in the initial weeks). The risks goes way down with each week that the baby’s heartbeat is detected. If you are further along (in the 2nd trimester), you are probably feeling the baby move around which does provide quite a bit of reassurance (to me at least) that baby is well and safe.

Mmm… enough on the topic, but yeah if you are an anxious mummy too, just know that you are not alone. Not all of us are blessed to sail through pregnancy without any concerns. 🙂



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