Pregnant mummy: Gross pregnancy related symptoms

Yup yup, now that I’ve hit my 3rd trimester/9th month of pregnancy, I can identify with many of those gross and/or painful pregnancy related symptoms that no one really warned me about before I got pregnant. Yeah, I’m not one of those happy mummies who breezed through the entire pregnancy experience with nary a wayward fart or perfect skin. Apparently there are some mummies who are like that (ha, life is NOT fair). Well, if you belong to the vast majority who is going through some not so fun pregnancy related symptom/problem, then take heart that it’s really quite normal. Just probably too embarrassing for most mummies to talk about how many hours they spent on the “throne”, or that they leak when they sneeze, or that there’s really not much you can do about painful ribcages that are expanding to fit the baby.

Anyway, in a sick way I think misery loves company. Or at least I kinda felt better when I read this particular blog post (My Swollen Vagina and Other Things Nobody Told Me About Pregnancy) and especially it’s comments section where fellow mummies shared some interesting experiences. Figured to share a good thing. It’s quite different reading that your nth gross/uncomfortable pregnancy-related symptom is normal on an informational site like Babycenter versus reading other mummies describe how they feel.

Struggled to find a pic for this post but Kim Kardashian’s swollen ‘cankles’ always amused me. Hey, not that I’m being mean… I gave up on wearing normal shoes months ago. Probably should share some of the most helpful ‘coping with pregnancy’ stuff that I got if I’m ever in the mood, like where to find comfy shoes for elephant feet in Singapore.

Kim K feet

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