This blog was started to chronicle my adventures as I go through pregnancy and motherhood, and just whatever comes to mind. I do have separate blogs for my home renovation in 2011, and previously for my LEGO hobby. This blog is mostly maintained as a hobby and to keep some memories alive especially since I did find my renovation blog very useful for keep track of the process and stuff that we bought. 

As a short intro, I am a thirty-something first time working mummy who is based in Singapore. While I have gotten my company’s permission to maintain a blog (hey I can’t be the only blogger working in a company with social media policy), I’ll rather keep my name and identity a secret. I have to confess that it does feel more liberating to blog anonymously.

If you have seen pictures of my home and stuff that I’ve bought, you’ll know that:

  1. I love to shop.
  2. I love beautiful, streamlined and functional stuff.
  3. I have a tendency to indulge in expensive purchases.

One other thing that friends know about me… I do extensive research.

Shall have to wait and see what that means for pregnancy/motherhood… for now, it means that I did tonnes of research and have drawn up a loooong shopping list for baby and maternity stuff.

For all new mummies and daddies who are reading this, hope that you’ll find some of my posts useful!



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