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Stylish mummy: Diaper bags for a FTWM

I didn’t really think too much about diaper bags until my last trimester. Then one recent afternoon I realised that as a FTWM (that’s short form for Full Time Working Mum, as opposed to a SAHM – Stay At Home Mum) who plans to place baby in an infant care centre near my workplace, my daily work bag once I go back to work will probably not be my usual work bag, not when the interior is made of suede.  But can I carry a diaper bag to work?  A quick browse through the usual flowery/printed bags from most brands that absolutely screams “DIAPER BAG!” left me quite horrified. Thus began my search for a practical yet chic/stylish/professional looking diaper bag that won’t make me gag… and I thought that it might be helpful to jot some of the choices in a blog post for any mummies who have a similar ‘problem’.

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Pregnant mummy: Nesting instincts

So… this is really just a place for me to pen down my thoughts (and whatever that I happen to be fiddling with at the moment).  Having created a blog to chronicle my home renovation process, I think having one for my pregnancy/baby will help me to keep some memories alive, plus keep things somewhat organised at least when it comes to shopping and buying stuff.  Since I am 15 weeks along by the time this is published, you can imagine that the baby shopping list is pretty long by now – but I’ll keep the shopping list for another day.

To start the ball rolling, here is a quick preview of some of the items that I am eyeing/have bought:

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