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Design mummy: Stylish homes with kids

Design Mom (by Gabrielle Blair who is a mother of six (!) kids) is a lovely site for mums. It has a regular “Living with Kids” feature that showcases stylish homes with kids. I’m sure it is not easy to maintain a ‘design worthy’ home but since there are couples who have done it I suppose there is some hope…

Went through loads of homes featured on Design Mom and here are some of my favourite – do click on the links to see more!

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Pregnant mummy: My baby shopping list

As mentioned in my last post, I have a really long shopping list for the baby (and myself). Since I hate to rushed and get stressed at the last minute and am rather picky about the stuff that I use, I’ve also added product or brand names next to those items that I’ve done some research on and/or have bought. Some links are also provided, mostly to Amazon cos I like to read product reviews before I buy my stuff. Still a couple more things to add as I go along, but I’ll try to keep this updated.

If you are a new mummy/daddy reading this, hope the list helps and happy shopping!

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Pregnant mummy: Nesting instincts

So… this is really just a place for me to pen down my thoughts (and whatever that I happen to be fiddling with at the moment).  Having created a blog to chronicle my home renovation process, I think having one for my pregnancy/baby will help me to keep some memories alive, plus keep things somewhat organised at least when it comes to shopping and buying stuff.  Since I am 15 weeks along by the time this is published, you can imagine that the baby shopping list is pretty long by now – but I’ll keep the shopping list for another day.

To start the ball rolling, here is a quick preview of some of the items that I am eyeing/have bought:

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