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Pregnant mummy: Gross pregnancy related symptoms

Yup yup, now that I’ve hit my 3rd trimester/9th month of pregnancy, I can identify with many of those gross and/or painful pregnancy related symptoms that no one really warned me about before I got pregnant. Yeah, I’m not one of those happy mummies who breezed through the entire pregnancy experience with nary a wayward fart or perfect skin. Apparently there are some mummies who are like that (ha, life is NOT fair). Well, if you belong to the vast majority who is going through some not so fun pregnancy related symptom/problem, then take heart that it’s really quite normal. Just probably too embarrassing for most mummies to talk about how many hours they spent on the “throne”, or that they leak when they sneeze, or that there’s really not much you can do about painful ribcages that are expanding to fit the baby.

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Pregnant mummy: Musings of a paranoid mum – miscarriage statistics

I know, very paranoid… (and everyone tells me so) but honestly in my first trimester, I must have checked/googled miscarriage rates/statistics like a few times a week. It’s not like age is on my side or anything… plus I do tend to be a bit of a ‘worrywart’. Thankfully, no depression or anything… just generalised anxiety. AND, it does seem that anxiety is fairly common in pregnant mummies… apparently anything from 5-70% of mummies suffer from anxiety and/or depression during pregnancy. [In case you are or know someone who is suffering, a bit more on the symptoms, etc here]

Back to statistics… according to this site, for most normal, healthy women in their first pregnancy, the statistics looks like this: 

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